Welcome to Teshuvah Messianic Synagogue

A warm and welcoming community of Jews-by-birth and Jews-by-choice! 

 Do you have a passion for Hashem and His people? 

 Why not come to our next Shabbat service? 

 Enjoy moving worship, inspiring teaching and warm fellowship 

 All are invited: Jews by birth, Jews by choice and any genuine enquirer 

 Come and experience the awe-inspiring presence of the G-d of Israel 

 We look forward to meeting you! 

 We meet 11:00am every Shabbat at 

 Brice Memorial Hall 

Queens Road 

Leicester LE2 3FX 

 Do contact Rabbi Yehoshua on 0116 212 7990 if you wish before attending a service 

or send a query or message