About Our Rabbi

Rabbi Yehoshua Scott comes from a family of Dutch Jewish origins, although his upbringing was largely secular. By the time he began attending Leicester University to begin his History degree, he had more or less rejected religion as having any personal relevance. In his second year he specialised in Jewish History, and wrote a dissertation on the Romanian Jewish Exodus of the nineteen hundreds. In his third year he studied the history of the Shoah (the holocaust) which impacted him profoundly, making him ask existential questions regarding the origin and nature of good and evil. It was as he began to ponder these issues, that he came to an appreciation that our physical world must conceal a deeper spiritual reality. Pursuing this line of reasoning further culminated in an acceptance of God’s existence, and interest in human affairs. 

It was around this time that he had a salvation experience and personally submitted to HaShem’s Lordship. He also began to feel a call to the Jewish people. A couple of friends invited him to Church where he soon began leading a Prayer for Israel group. 

In 1990 he began his PhD under Professor Aubrey Newman, founder and director of the Stanley Burton Centre of Holocaust Studies at the University of Leicester. On completion of his doctoral thesis he became an honorary research fellow of the Stanley Burton Institute. 

Meanwhile in 1991 he encountered Messianic Judaism when he attended his first Yeshua conference. This resulted in the germination of a conception of a Messianic Jewish expression distinct and different from Christianity. As his understanding and awareness developed he began to feel uncomfortable with certain aspects of Church, but a clear vision of the precise form its alternative might take had not yet fully crystallised. 

In 1998 he experienced a call from God to pioneer a congregation and initially began to co-lead a Jewish fellowship group. In the year 2000 his congregation in Leicester, which became known as Teshuvah Messianic Synagogue, was born. After several years of further study leading to his Smicha, he was ordained as a Messianic Rabbi under the auspices of the UBMJC. 

Besides his rabbinical vocation Rabbi Julian has employed himself in the secular world as a book seller and more recently as a certified THX screen and projector calibration engineer. 

He has a good working knowledge of both ancient and modern Hebrew which he has studied for a number of years, and as you would expect is well versed in the history of First Century Judaism in particular, and in fact Jewish History in general. 

Notwithstanding his scholastic achievements, he is also very approachable and down to earth. He enjoys a spot of long distance running and is an avid follower of his football team – Norwich City.