Services at Teshuvah Messianic Synagogue

“Proclaim with me the greatness of ADONAI; 

let us exalt his name together.” Tehillim 34:4 

 You are invited to come and worship with us each Shabbat (Saturday) morning. Our Torah service begins at 11.00am and usually finishes around 12.45pm. Conducted in both Hebrew and English, our service reflects the best time-honoured traditions and liturgy of our people, and is blended with contemporary Messianic worship and Davidic dance. The traditional Torah and Haftarah readings are supplemented by a reading from the Messianic Writings, following which the Rabbi delivers a drash. 

 It is requested that both men and women cover their heads during our services. Kippot are available for loan for those who do not possess one. Those who have tallitot, both men and women, are invited to wear them for this service. Please otherwise endeavour to dress with modesty and decorum given the sanctity of our service. We hope that you will find our service inspiring and challenging! Afterwards there is an oneg and time to schmooze. 

 Services are also held throughout the year for each of the chagim and moedim to which visitors are also welcome. Please see the events page for further information. There is also a mid-week chavurah group for those who have committed to membership. 

 Please contact the Rabbi for more information.